If YOU are able to read this, maybe even through your personal laptop or smartphone, then you are born privileged, even enjoying luxuries. Though, many kids in India are enslaved to work - They don't know the meaning of luxuries, not even that of being able to read or write. These children deserve a life of equality and an opportunity to reach their full potential in life.

YOU can be part of the solution to their hardship. Come, be a volunteer with Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA)

Volunteering is a fun way to explore your interests and passions. If you want to gain work experiences or are considering a new career, volunteering with BBA can help you get experience in your area of interest and meet people in the field. BBA offers you the chance to build upon the skills you already have and use them to benefit the greater community.


Who can volunteer?

Most of our volunteers are students coming both from India and from all over the world. Though, what is more important than your occupation and your country of origin, are the skills you bring to BBA and the right attitude and motivation. If you are from overseas, don’t worry about coming to India. We will help you feel comfortable.


How you can help us


Volunteering in the Rehabilitation Centers

BBA operates two rehabilitation centers for rescued children – mukti ashram, located in the outskirts of Delhi and bal ashram in Rajasthan. As a volunteer you will become a big brother or sister to kids in our children's home; teach, sing, write, read, draw, dance and play with the children. Thereby, you get the chance to impart a sense of believe and dignity in the children that they are not indifferent.

The time you spend with us can range from a week to a few months. We kindly ask volunteers to make a financial contribution to cover their food and accommodation in the ashram.


Internship in the Office

We also offer internships in our head office in Delhi. As an intern you can make invaluable contributions, for example by conducting research for BBA, supporting our campaign department or by working with our communication team. Your exact tasks will depend on you experiences, interests and the needs of BBA.

We normally require interns to commit to at least 12 weeks, working eight hours a day.

Unfortunately, we do not have the financial means to pay a salary to interns or provide accommodation to foreigners. We will, however, support you in any other way during your stay in our office. Upon completion, we will provide you with a certificate, which will also enable you to receive credits from University if applicable.


Selection Process

There is a selection process that every individual interested in volunteering needs to go through. The first step is to fill out our statement of intent and send it back to povolunteer@bba.org.in.

We will then get in touch with you and further discuss your options of volunteering with BBA.


Read what our volunteers have to say about BBA…..

Akhil Malik, Volunteer

I am writing this to express my gratitude to BBA for providing me such a wonderful opportunity and to let me contribute my little share towards the noble cause that the organization is working for. When I came to BBA for the first time I had no idea what I was getting into, just had a desire to utilize my time towards something fruitful and to bring a change in someone’s life if possible in the short period of three months that I had. I am glad that I chose BBA as the medium and am very satisfied with the work that I have done during my association with it.

People in BBA are very friendly and warm and right from the first day I felt as if I am working here for a long time. Everyone was ready to help in case I got stuck somewhere and their behavior made things lot more easy for me.

I got an opportunity to go to Mukti Ashram, the transitory home at Buradi just after a raid to rescue child laborers was conducted and got the rare opportunity to talk to rescued children first hand, to listen to their plight and to delve deeper into their minds and to search for reasons that led them to such a state. I got to counsel children over there and prepared background report of 10-15 of them. It was a very different experience for me, I was moved and my resolution to do something for them became much stronger. It was one of the primary reasons why I volunteered to go to Bal Ashram i.e. BBA’s rehabilitation centre in Rajasthan. I thought that if I could motivate even a single child over there, my aim would be accomplished.

Then on 14th august, I got this opportunity to go to Bal Ashram for a month, stay with the kids, teach them, play with them and to get a feel of the life that they live. This became the high point of my stay at BBA. There were more than hundred children at the Bal Ashram and I thought initially that I would be able to interact with only a small lot out of them but I was wrong. By the time I came back, I knew each one of them personally and it was not a conscious effort. They were so warm and energetic that I got a lesson or two from them about how to approach life despite being so unfortunate and everything going against them. They were holding this little ray of hope and were confident that they would be what they want to be in future; a soldier, doctor, engineer, lawyer, social worker or a teacher. They infused this optimism into me too and my all worries about career and all took a backseat while I stayed with them.

I kept myself very busy over there and tried my best to make my contribution in every possible way. I used to teach maths and computer basics to little kids in non-formal education classes in the morning followed by maths and science to secondary school children after lunch. Then there used to be the much awaited part of the day, play time when everyone enjoyed to the fullest. Playing games ranging from cricket, volleyball, football to even ‘pitthu’ with children took me back at least by 10-12 years in time. Post dinner I used to teach Physics and Maths to Suman, the guy who dared to opt for science in 10+2 despite all odds and I can bet he will surely pass with a good score. Some of the kids who deserve special mention because of their academic skills are Manan Ansari(this boy is a very quick learner), Kinshu, Amar Lal, Shubham, Suman, Suraj, Dayanand, Manoj and the witty boy Sandeep. I strongly believe that if proper guidance is provided then these kids have got the talent and fire to compete with anybody. They just need to be motivated time and again so that they don’t become complaisant and stay on right track towards their career goals. I tried my level best to accomplish this and side by side helped them with their basics.

As everything that starts has to end, my association with BBA is no different.

Finally my special regards and thanks to Priyanka, Abha, Sanoj, Vijay, Rajiv and of course to Mr. Kailash Satyarthi without  whose efforts BBA would have not materialized.