Founder's Vision

Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) is not a conventional NGO or a typical institution, it is the ray of hope in millions of hearts, the first dream in their eyes, the first smile on their faces. It is the sky and wings together for innumerable children, excluded from human identity and dignity, with a desire to fly in freedom. It is the tears of joy of a mother who finds her rescued child back in her lap after years of helplessness and hopelessness. It is a battle to open the doors of opportunities, a fire for freedom and education in the hearts and souls of thousands of youth committed to wipe out the scourge of slavery and ignorance from the face of mankind.

BBA is the first lamp lit by those who didn't believe in cursing the darkness, they dared to hold fire in their hands, determined to dig out spring from stones. In an age of ignorance, neglect and denial on the issue of child servitude, these ordinary youth had a vision to see beyond heavens. Equipped with a strong will to demolish age-old myths and misconceptions about child labor, they fought mighty criminals, slave masters and mafia with exemplary courage.

Beginning its operation in 1980, a mass movement was ignited to create a child friendly society where all children are free from exclusion and exploitation and receive free education of good quality. The movement engaged itself in identifying, liberating, rehabilitating and educating children in servitude through direct intervention, community participation, partnerships and coalitions, promoting ethics in trade, unionizing workers, running campaigns (on issues, such as education, trafficking, forced labour, decent work, building child friendly villages) and mobilizing the masses on a common action.

BBA has triggered a ripple effect in India and in international community. The tide is turning in favour of children, a ray has multiplied itself into a sun which is constantly supplementing brightness and warmth to the lives of unprivileged children. We need more support...BBA calls you to join hands in bringing a smile, the smile of freedom, love and peace, on the face of every child in this world.

- Kailash Satyarthi, Founder