BBA success stories from the hinterland

Ranjit, Chanako, Jharkhand

Ranjit, the son of a migrant truck driver always on the move, never had an opportunity to go to school and used to rear goats instead. He started working eventually in mica mining areas of Charkop but suffered an accident when the mine collapsed with him inside. His mother came to help him, but suffered a fatal accident in the deadly mines herself. It was only when BBA began BMG project in his village that Ranjit came out of his shell and started participating in village functioning, even winning the Bal Sarpanch post. He still has nightmares of getting stuck in the mine; however he now braves it to save his fellow children from a similar fate and endeavours to bring every child to school.



Kussum, Surajpura, Rajasthan

Kussum was one of the heads of the Bal Panchayat in her village Surajpura, Rajasthan, when our Bal-Mitra Gram model was first implemented. Her village, similar to other villages in Rajasthan back in 2001 had high incidence of child marriage and even some child labour. Kussum, along with her other Bal Panachayat mates fought to make the village completely child-friendly. Kussum is now a BA student and aspires to be a teacher like her father but one who keeps the environment of the class friendly and encouraging.