BBA and AILACCR take up complaint of child sexual abuse perpetrated by child’s mother

22 Sept, 2016: BBA received a complaint regarding horrifying sexual abuse of a 6-year-old girl child at the hands of her own mother and uncle. The complaint was made by the victim Arti’s (name changed) grandfather to the BBA on Sept 16, 2016 in our New Delhi office. BBA and All India Legal Aid Cell for Child Rights (AILACCR) assisted the legalities in the case and have managed to get an FIR registered against the perpetrators of the crime.

According to the complaint of the grandfather and Arti’s statement, the child has been undergoing sexual abuse at the hands of her mother and uncle since over a year. The mother, who is a government servant, used to abuse little Arti by inserting her finger into her private part after tying up her hands and stuffing her mouth. Shocking still, whenever Arti went to her maternal grandparent’s house, the mother made her brother-in-law unleash the same horrors on Arti. A confused Arti complained about pain in her private parts to her grandmother. The grandparents relayed this to the father, who is often away for work, and reached out to BBA.

Our lawyers took up this case at the Child Welfare Committee, Lajpat Nagar, who directed the police to register an FIR against the mother and uncle under Section 376/34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC)  and Section 4 of POCSO (Protection of Children against Sexual Offenses) Act, 2012. Under the act, the accused will serve not less than seven years imprisonment, which may be extend to imprisonment for life, along with fine.

Also it emerged that because the father and the grandparents failed to report the crime even after being aware, which led to continuation of the crime for almost a year, therefore as per Section 1 of POCSO Act, they are accused in the case as well. Arti has now been transferred to a child care home and would undergo counseling.