Bal Ashram activites in September

In the month of September, Bal Ashram provided rehabilitation to 60 children. 13 children received advanced vocational training while 38 others progressed in learning. A total of 71 girls received vocational training on stitching & tailoring and beautician course. Apart from that, 14 boys received training on stitching & tailoring and electrical trade as well.

12 volunteers from Japan visited Bal Ashram to spend a day with the children and understand the realities of child labour and bonded labour in India.

Bal Ashram director, Sumedha Kailash met community social workers from surrounding villages of Bal Ashram and motivated them to work towards eradicating child labour and creating more Bal Mitra Grams.

On Sep 5, teacher’s day, Bal Ashram children planned a surprise bash for their beloved resident teachers. They made cards, posters and pamphlets wishing their teachers and taking their blessings.