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Child Labour in Garment Industry - Uncovering the Truth, exposing GAP Inc.

29th October 2007: Sheikh Mohammad (name changed), a 14 year was brought by his Maternal Uncle to Shahpur Jaat, New Delhi. Little that he knew at that time that his maternal uncle will just leave him in strange place with strange people stuffed in different rooms working tediously in dark dingy stinky rooms. Now it has been 1 year since that first day of his work, still he is been recognised as a trainee and given Rs. 500 per month. 

Kailash Satyarthi Addresses UNESCO

July 19, 2006, Paris
First of all, I thank you all for giving me this opportunity to share with you. I would like to applaud the leadership and direction provided by Mr. Matsuura and Mr. Peter Smith in bringing us together, especially for locating child labour and education within the key EFA framework as a step forward from Beijing.